Need help importing data using Webhooks

Hey folks. Need some help here. 
I’ve been trying to import my Mixpanel data into using the Custom Webhook from Mixpanel.

What I need help in is that, while setting up the workflow, it’s only asking me to update the attributes of a single index of the entire JSON. Wanted to understand how can I import all the user details to 

Thanks in advance.


What do I change in here to get all the members with all the fetched attributes.


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You can perform a batch update on your campaign. A batch update enables you to apply data to a group of up to 1000 people that match your criteria. 

You may refer to our documentation at the following link:

I hope this information helps you accomplish your goal. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.


Have a great rest of your day! 

Thanks, Mau. This was helpful. Just wanted to understand if I can batch add new users the webhook since the documentation does not explicitly say anything else other than batch update. 

Thanks again.