How to retrieve campaign_name from an S3 data export integration?

  • 5 June 2023
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Hi everyone,

We’ve recently set up a data integration between Customer.IO and S3. After modelling the data in our data warehouse, I can see that we are missing Campaign Name and Action Name from the raw parquet files.

I can see Campaign IDs and Action IDs in the data, so I’m wondering if there is another dataset that we should be joining to?





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2 replies

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Hi Danilo!


I wanted to first confirm for you that currently, we do only provide the campaign_id and action_id as extractable data points in our Warehouse Exports. We have an open feature request where customers have had similar asks as yours, for us to include things like campaign_name and action_name as part of the export schema. I have gone ahead and added your inquiry as feedback there so that our product team is aware.

With that said, I agree that having the names included in the import would make things a lot more straightforward, what we have suggested in cases like this is making use of our API to backfill your database with this information as needed. For both the campaign name and action name, you can pass their IDs into this API endpoint and retrieve their names respectively:

Let us know if you have any additional questions here, Danilo! :)

Thank you Ramy, this is really useful!

We’ll set up an integration with the Campaign and Action API endpoints to ingest this data.