Fixing Invalid Date

  • 12 April 2024
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Recently, I’ve seen a big uptick in the value Invalid date showing up in user records for the attribute CREATED_AT . For some of my records though, a valid date format and value appear.

We send data into via When we set it up, we mapped the following:


traits.created_at » CREATED_AT


And it worked fine until recently.

I read this FAQ that discusses how to know if the proper date format (epoch) is coming in or not, and for my recent records, it is not.


Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone have a solution they can offer up for me to try?


Here’s a screenshot showing when users were created yet they have invalid and invalid date values.



Thank you,


1 reply

Hi Mike,

This is Byron from the technical support team. We’ll likely need to review the data coming into your workspace to see what’s causing the invalid dates. I’ll go ahead and create a ticket from this post, could you please reply to that ticket with a link to your workspace and enable support access for us?