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  • 22 December 2023
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Hi - we are a B2B2C company.  Our business users customize the look and feel of our software with their unique colors, logo, etc.  That business’ customers then engage with a custom version of our software.  

For example, Business A customizes our software to be green and red. Everything that BusinessA’s customer engages with has a green and red interface as opposed to our branding.

As part of our solution, we send out emails to the end customer. 

Can I customize each individual email with a different color scheme, logo, etc. via


Thank you!

2 replies

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Hi @mangrovere

This is definitely possible, depending on how you’re building out the campaigns in your workspace.


Would emails going to customers of Customer A and Customer B go out through the same campaigns? If so, if you store the colour scheme selected as a profile attribute, then you should be able to use Liquid for personalisation down to the colours and logos within the email. 


If the campaigns are built separately based on each Customer. For example Customer A’s customers are reached via Campaign A, and Customer B’s customers are reached via Campaign B, then each email can be customised differently by email action of each campaign, based on the email editor you choose


​I hope this helps to get you moving along in the right direction!



Hello, is a marketing automation platform that allows you to send personalized and targeted emails to your customers. While it provides a range of customization options for email content, the ability to dynamically customize each individual email with a different color scheme and logo might be limited.

Typically, email customization in marketing automation tools like is done at a more macro level, allowing you to personalize content based on customer segments, behaviors, or other criteria. However, achieving highly individualized color schemes and logos for each email might require a more advanced and customized approach.