Delete People Using Reverse ETL

  • 17 October 2023
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I have Reverse ETL setup to read from my database and update my people. I would like to delete people using this sync as well. I know there is an option to remove relationships to objects by adding a `deleted` column. Is there such a feature to delete people through reverse ETL? Rather than relying on calling the delete person API each time, it would be nice to just use the sync so i don’t have to keep track of who was properly deleted in CIO.

My use case is to delete users who have deleted their accounts on my product.

Another use case is i have a list of leads I am syncing. A lead becomes no longer viable and rather than updating the person with an attribute to no longer market towards, i would rather just delete them with the sync as well.



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Hello ayoo,

Currently, Reverse ETL integrations don't have a way to delete people. We do have an open feature request to add that type of functionality so I've added your use case to that so our Product team can take you into consideration when we look at enhancing existing features.

That said there is a way you can do this using our newly released Data Pipelines and doing an PostgreSQL Sync that will create an event that will map to Delete people.

So your query would be something like this:

SELECT     'User Deleted' AS event,    id AS userIdFROM     usersWHERE    someDeleteCondition = true

When connected to a Delete Person Action on the Journeys Destination will allow you to delete people automatically via your sync:


Hope that allows you to do what you are wanting until we add that functionality.



Hi Jon, your idea looks very promising. I haven’t tried out the data pipeline yet, but i’ll look into it. Thanks!