Data Pipelines - generated events not showing up in source

  • 15 February 2024
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Just started playing with Data Pipelines. One thing I’m looking to do is get an event that is generated by a campaign in or by manual action on used in (for testing)  to show up in one of the sources so that I can forward it to a destination. Neither of the two sources that I got by default. In the ‘Journey: API Action’ source I only see events that come in to through the ingest API and in ‘Journeys: Message Metrics’, I only see email delivery stats (somewhat expectedly based on the name. 

The docs ( seem to imply that it should be possible to get any event that appear in the journey stream of a user but that does not seem to be the case. Am I misreading the docs or missing something else? 

Thank you!

1 reply

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Hi @gmateva 

For events that you’re creating using a Send Event action in campaign workflow bypasses the Track API (of Journeys as a source) and so those items are inaccessible if you want to send those to Destinations. We have an open request for a feature like this that our team is tracking feedback on and I have upvoted it on your behalf so that our product team knows this is something that would be useful to you.

At the moment, as these events are sent from your Journeys source (because they call on our Journeys Track API, which is a source), as well as the Message Metrics:

So as a workaround, you could consider using a webhook action in the campaign instead to send the event to your track API, which will allow you to send the events to other destinations. 

I hope this helps! ◡̈