Data pipeline connector: re-authorization is needed.

  • 11 January 2024
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We are using the data pipeline feature with a connector to Hubspot as a destination. It’s very convenient, but we are facing the following problem. The connection to Hubspot is authorized by oAuth: a window pops-up when we can login to Hubspot in order to authorize the connection.

However, the oAuth token expires regularly. When this happens, there is no email send by to tell us so. It’s only by navigating to this specific connection in that one gets to see an error message: “There seems to be an issue with your token. Please re-authorize your connection.” Only then can we re-authorize it: it cannot be done proactively.

So in short, the connection will fail regularly because tokens expire, the connection has to fail before it can be reauthorized, there’s no warning about the failure unless you check the page itself.

I am wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar situation with an Hubspot connector or other, and whether they were able to work around it. Thank you.

2 replies

Update on the question above: we found out that we can at least proactively re-authenticate from the Settings tab of that connection. That’s progress, and at least a way to mitigate the problem even if not ideal.

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Hi @valerie_engin_co, based on the OAuth doc in hubspot, the Access tokens are intended to be short-lived, and you will need to generate a new token when the old one expires.

Unfortunately, since this is outside of our control and determined by Hubspot, we cannot make it last longer. I agree that we should have an email to notify users when something fails. There's already a feature request for this, so I upvoted it on your behalf.

Thanks for understanding!