Create Object Relationship with Person (through ongoing work flow)

  • 29 May 2023
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Are we missing something really obvious? We're trying to create relationships automatically with an object > people through the UI, e.g., Campaigns / Broadcasts, etc.

Our goal is to automatically connect/create a relationship with an Object – (a list of all our physical locations) – and a person. For example, when a person registers their interest (via a new lead form), we want to automatically set up the relationship with the object. 

So, if a customer registers interest in Y Location through a lead form, can we set up the relationship within the existing workflow? 

We have gone through all the documentation but can't seem to determine if this is possible in the GUI / UI, or if this needs to be done with a different solution.

If it can't be done in (which would indeed be somewhat bizarre), is Twilio Segment the best way to do this?


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Hi @mxd ,

We can set relationships between a profile and an object either manually in the UI or via API.

In your use case, if you have your lead form connected with, you would most likely have mapped Location Y (of interest) to their profile attribute. 

Using this profile attribute, you can create a data-driven segment of these people to trigger a campaign workflow where their relationship is updated via our API using a webhook action.

I’ve also linked our API documentation here for your easy reference:

Hope this helps to move you along in the right direction here! 😊