Yearly, Monthly, Weekly recurring automated sendouts on specific dates

  • 10 March 2023
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Hello, I’m trying to find the best way to automate recurring yearly, monthly or weekly sendouts on a specific day. Example Email every 25th of the month.

Thank you 


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3 replies

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Hey Jon,

that one is a bit tricky. I set up a campaign that could solve your problem. Here is the idea:

  • Assign new people a date to an attribute, e.g. “next_sendout”
  • Update the attribute “next_sendout” after the sendout
  • Use the attribute “next_sendout” to send the email

New people:


After sendout:


In order to send out the email once the date arrives you can use a condition like that: 

Hope that helps,

Hello Felix, many thanks for your swift response. Sounds a bit complex :)

I was hoping there will be a simple schedule recurring every week or month on a specific day. Seems it can be done on a weekly basis in the campaign flow see the example below; but I couldn’t find an option for a monthly on a specific date… 


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Hey Jon,

true that! Would be easier for weekly sendouts your way.

I think the challenge (and that is way it’s not available in the workflow) is that monthly is not simple “+31 days” and yearly is not “+365 days”. I am actually not sure if the “add_month” and “add_year” filters are based on days. If so, it wouldn’t work. You it would even get more complex.