Why are my messages not being sent?

  • 4 January 2023
  • 3 replies


I’m trying to send my first campaign but all my messages are in Drafts? Does anyone know why this is?

3 replies


Hey Lucy,

  Chances are the messages in your campaign have their sending behavior to queue draft which is the default. If you want them to send automatically you can change that in the sending behavior drop down. See for more details.

All the best, Matthew  


hi Lucy,

I’m guessing you have created an email in the workflow builder and finished setting up your campaign but wondering why the email is not being sent. If that is the case, on the Overview of the campaign, click on Workflow to see your workflow.

After that, click on the email and in the side pane that appears on the left, choose to Send Automatically in the sending behaviour option.

Please note that it immediately starts working, so depending on your aim, any changes made this way will immediately apply to the running campaign.




Thank you both! Setting my campaigns to automatically send did the trick