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  • 26 March 2024
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I need to use an attribute change as a condition in a data-driven segment.

For example, I want a person to enter the segment when the attribute “score” changes value.


This doesn’t seem possible in the Segment creation, is there a workaround?


Many thanks!!

3 replies

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@SoleneGreenly I also come across this requirement from time to time and it would be really helpful if this feature would be available directly in attribute changes kind of automatically be logged as events that can be used as event-based filters in segments (or as campaign triggers). @Jordan  is this something that is being considered at


Btw a similar question has been asked here, but does imho not provide an answer to your exact question.


Possible workarounds that I have tried:

Track additional Event

If you can, let your application also send the attribute change as event (e.g. with from/to event attributes) that’s tracked to’s API. You can then use those events as filters in segments or triggers for your campaigns


Use a campaign that creates/logs events

If you want to go without developer changes needed, you can create a campaign in Journeys that logs an event (as “send event” action in the workflow) when people enter a segment. The segment is created in a way that it filters for a specific value of your attribute. You can then use the events that are added to people via this campaign to create segment filters or trigger campaigns.

To give you an example: 

  • let’s assume I have an attribute for user type, which can be free or premium, and I want to know changes to this attribute from one values to the other and e.g. discover when someone started premium (changed from free to premium)
  • create a segment with user_type equals “premium”
  • create a segment-triggered campaign for this segment (but do not process existing segement members! when activating the campaign)
  • add only one “send event” action similar to my example, which can include event attributes based on current profile’s attributes to be stored along with the event according to the screenshots below.
  • feel free to repeat the same for other values of the same attribute that you want to monitor, e.g. changing from “premium” back to “free” in my example (where my segment could e.g. be user type = free and at least one of this “premium started” events has been performed.
  • note: this only works if attribute values are pre-defined distinct values. it will therefore not work in a case where you e.g. want to monitor users changing their email address
  • note that this only creates events from the moment you turn on your campaign, no back-filling.

Hope this helps? Again, it would be much better if would add this as native feature!!

  • send event action
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Hi @SoleneGreenly 

Thank you for raising this issue! At the moment, it’s not possible to create a data-driven segment based on an attribute change. However, we have an open request for a feature like this that our team is tracking feedback on and I have upvoted it on your behalf so that our Product team knows this is something that would be useful to you.
In the meantime, both of these workarounds that @digitalisierungsprofi mentioned are great options. Let us know in this thread if you run into any issues!


thank you for your answers. It would indeed be a great feature!
We’ll have to go with an additional event, should work fine for now.