Sudden drop in Open Rate in 2/4 emails of onboarding flow?

  • 26 March 2024
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We have an onboarding flow with four emails sent over the course of about a week. The first email is a welcome email that's pretty standard. Suddenly on March 10th, our open rate went from 55% to 20% on the first two emails in the flow. The second two emails remain unchanged. We have not changed anything in the structure of the flow, the content of the emails, our SPF records, or anything else. else.


Can anyone think of why this would be happening? 


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2 replies

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@samclaassen very hard to guess.. the only thing I can think of is the changes that Google and Yahoo announced, that maybe became effective in this timeframe? See here: But this would only explain it if the first 2 emails are against the new rules (e.g. missing unsubscribe link) but the other emails are compliant..

A 2nd guess: Is the volume for the 2 first emails per day more or less the same as before? If not, e.g. due to a marketing campaign brining in much more but low-quality new users, this could as well explain it. To find out, compare the graphs of open rates with the absolute sending volume of the emails.

I haven’t confirmed yet but it seems #1 was correct! By accident, there is no unsubscribe link in the 2/4 emails affected (one of the things mentioned in that article). Thanks for sharing, seems very likely ot be it!