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  • 13 February 2023
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Can I send MMS through If so, what format do these images need to be in? Are there any restrictions I should be aware of before I start this?

1 reply

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Hey there Gabe,

You can indeed - this is a feature that was launched towards the end of last year. 

Here's a link to the release as well as this section of the doc that walks through the details. 

Specifically relevant to your question:

  • You’ll host your own images

    When you set up a message, you can give us the URL of your image. You’ll have to host this image yourself. You won’t upload it to us.

  • Images must be PNGs, JPEGs, or GIFs

    The URL you host must end in the image format for us to attach it to your message.

  • Images can be up to 1.5MB

    While your image can be up to 1.5MB, we generally recommend that you use the smallest possible images to ensure that your audience sees your image, regardless of their carrier and connection quality. If you use a short code or a toll-free carrier, your image may be limited to 600kb. Your message can also include up to 1600 characters.

  • MMS messages are slightly more expensive than SMS messages

    This is because MMS messages are typically larger than SMS messages; this pricing model is not unique to Twilio. But you may want to reserve MMS messages for your most meaningful mobile interactions.

  • MMS messages are limited to the United States and Canada.

    MMS messages sent to someone in another country will fail.

Enjoy playing with this feature!