Organizing campaigns into folders?

  • 21 February 2023
  • 1 reply

Is it possible to organize Campaigns into folders or something similar? Just trying to figure out the best way to organize as our team will have loads of campaigns. 

1 reply

Hi there! 

This is a great question and I appreciate that you asked it Maxine! 

To organize your campaigns you’ll want to make use of our tags feature. You can create, assign, edit, and delete as many tags as you need, and use them to scan and find campaigns quickly. 

When creating a new campaign, you’ll see the option to add tags below the campaign name and description

You can add new tags or remove existing ones at any point during campaign creation. 

A note on Managing Tags: 
If you want to see how you’re using your tags, make corrections to them (rename, fix spelling, etc.), or remove them from the workspace entirely, click the Manage option in the dropdown. From here, you can edit, delete, or create new tags.

To filter your entire campaign list by tag, you can either select the tag from the dropdown at the top, or click the tag in a single campaign. Here is an example of filtering campaigns by the research tag:

Check out our documentation on Tags for Campaign Organization HERE to learn more.