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  • 6 April 2022
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We have recently noticed the "Merge" button on your interface and was wondering if that could be useful to as we now are dealing with duplicate user accounts. On the other hand we are also kind of hesitant to do something that might in some way mess up our database.

What impact does this merge have and would we be presented with some kind of merge wizard when using it?


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You're correct! If you need to resolve duplicate people in your workspace, merging is the way to go. You can merge people manually, or if your workspace supports both email or ID as identifiers, you can activate Automatic Merging in your workspace settings.

To give a high-level overview of how merging works, when you merge two people, you pick a primary person and merge a secondary person into it. The primary person remains after the merge and the secondary is deleted. This process is permanent: you cannot recover the secondary person. I highly advise you read through the rest of the documentation on merging profiles to learn more about how handles conflicts in journeys and/or segment memberships.

I hope this is helpful! 😊