marked_as_spam, unsibscribed_from_emails attributes

  • 5 March 2023
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Could you please tell me, what is the way i can add and update contact attributes, such as for example attributes names `marked_as_spam`, `unsibscribed_from_emails`, when contact unsubscribes from mails send by or marks it as spam. is there a way, i may update contact’s attributes, when such an event happens ?


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Hey Alex,

CIO uses a supression list, which is different from a normal “unsubscribe”. In case a user marked your email as spam, CIO will automatically flag your user and will add it to your suprresion list which you can find in Settings > Workspace Settings > Email > Suppression List. You can read up on this topic in these docs here:

That being said, I think there is no need to set this up by yourself manually.

In general, you can use a campaign to update attributes by choosing “create or update a person” in the workflow. You have a couple of options to update the attribute using

  • a static value which you define yourself
  • another profile attribute
  • an event attribute to “save” data in the users profile
  • Liquid with all its filter capabilities
  • JavaScript
  • the remove option whichs deletes the attribute from the profile



Hope that helps,