In-app message keep scrolling

  • 22 November 2023
  • 1 reply

Hi guys, when I try to create in-app message with the below setting in a campaign, the pop-up in the app is quite weird as it keeps force us to scroll to see the full content eventhough we had a shot in-app message.


Any suggestion?


1 reply

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This is Byron from the technical support team. This doesn’t sound like an issue we have encountered before. Could you please provide some additional information so that we can try to replicate the behavior you are seeing with in-app messages?

  • Which of our SDKs and version are you using for testing?
  • What device make and model are you testing with?
  • Which OS and version are you testing with? 
  • What does the content of the in-app message look like?
  • Are you able to capture a quick screen recording of the behavior?