I want a set of users to see a web app pop-up daily. So far they aren't

  • 14 September 2023
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Hi Everyone,


I’m running to an issue where not all users in a segment are seeing the web-app pop-ups we are creating. I’m finding it very difficult to trouble-shoot.


It seems like some are exiting the campaign early even though I have it set to never exit.


My Goal: To send the same web-app message to all users daily. Please help me format so that those conditions can be met.


Thank you in advance.

2 replies

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Hey @Sean B 


Are you seeing any of your in-app messages showing “sent” but just not “opened”/“clicked”? If so, it could be that the identifier you’re targeting isn’t correct for all customers. ( However, if some people are getting the message and others are not, then it might be a different issue entirely.


If your messages are sending and not being delivered, does your in-app message have a specific page rule or an expiration time? Are your customers meeting that page rule before the expiration time every day?


If the messages are never sending, are your customers leaving the campaign journey early? Do they convert or stop matching the campaign conditions part way through their journey? Do you use action conditions on your in-app message?

Hi Jordan,

I’ll send out a campaign and it will hit our full list of 1200 users and say delivered. However, it seems like no one is seeing the in-app message after that. The deliveries/views drop to zero after the initial push. Is there anything in the “re-match” logic that could be causing this? I have it set to rematch every date. The trigger is “signed up”. Am I doing something wrong here?