How to "Test" your campaigns are working as expected

  • 12 October 2022
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Does anyone have a strategy for testing their campaigns are working as expected? This is mainly about logic/conditions vs things like deliverability. 

I was poking around the API to see how it might be possible to cobble something together programmatically.

There are a couple endpoints missing for a workflow I’m thinking about. I submitted these as a feature request to the API team 😎. Here is the proposal if anyone is interested (

Do you have something you do entirely within CIO? Or, some other way?

1 reply

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Hi there! 

I generally test campaigns entirely within Methods that I find helpful include:

  • Having a test segment setup for segment driven campaigns that contains only my testing profiles. Or manually sending (and resending) in events for event driven campaigns so that I don’t have to continually ask engineering to fire events from the backend. 
  • Adding time delays into my workflows. They’ll show when a person hits the delay (you can see how many people are waiting in the delay), so I can ensure that profiles are taking the expected path as they progress. Delays are easy to delete/update before the campaign goes live.
  • I also personally like putting in Slack notifications along the way. I just pipe them to my private channel with liquid attributes and copy to explain why I’m getting the notification. If it’s a rather low volume campaign, I might even leave those live in the campaign so I can keep tabs on the first live profiles that take the journey.
  • Keeping messages in draft (except for those Slack notys 😉) is also super helpful while you test. That way I can see exactly what a profile would have/is about to get sent before it hits their inbox or mobile device. Once I’m happy, I can set the messages to send automatically in the future, send off any existing drafts, or delete them if they were really just tests.