How to find the ID of an in-app message?

  • 29 November 2023
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Hi all,


I’m sending Mixpanel my events out of CIO. I have an in_app_opened event that gets delivered that has a property of Message which has a numerical ID. This looks similar to how the transactional mails work. 

For the life of me I can’t find how to figure out in CIO which messages in the message library these map to. It’s fairly easy with the transactional mails. I have 5 messages going out regularly though the app and need to tie the user given name to the message ID.






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Hi Matt,


Thanks for posting to our community; happy to help you with finding the Message action related to your Mixpanel metric.


In Mixpanel, campaign_id is a reserved property. If you look at an event for a message sent as a part of campaign in Mixpanel, the Message field under All Properties represents the campaign_id. If you switch to JSON mode, you’ll also see the campaign_id. Combining campaign_id and action_id. from your in_app_opened event should clue you in on what Campaign/broadcast and which workflow action sent the in-app message in question. We explain this in more detail in our MixPanel Payload reference section in our Docs: Payload reference

Hope this helps, Matt!


Thanks Ramy!

Just to explain for anyone else trying to do this. 


Find a delivery of an individual in-app message as part of a campaign by going into deliveries & drafts and then filter by in-app message, as long as you’ve named the step in the workflow that delivers the in-app message this should be clear as to which is going out to who. 

Then click the name of the action,not the recipient of the person or the campaign name. You need to click ‘Send In-App message’ or whatever you’ve named the workflow step as. 

There will then be a Metadata box on the next page which will have an id field which maps to delivery_id in mixpanel. 

Go into mixpanel, start a new insights report, and select in_app_sent as the event, then filter that by the delivery_id. If you’ve done this right only one data point will be brought back.

Then bring into breakdowns, Message and action_id. The Message code is the ID value that identifies your campaign, the action_id is that particular in-app message delivery ID. You’ve now mapped the codes mixpanel shows er event to the stages in your workflow.


Next step if you want, you can create a lookup table in excel as a csv which maps these IDs you find to your given names, you’ll need a lookup table for message and a lookup table for action_id. Or you can edit the breakdown field in mixpanel on the insights dash you’ve just made andselect customise buckets and rename the shown names into buckets.