How to create segments?

  • 13 February 2023
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I’m just getting started and wondering how I can create segments via I now you do data-driven segments, but if it possible to combine a segment thats partially data-driven and partially manual? Any insight or advice into how I can start segmenting will be greatly appreciated! Thanks

2 replies

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Hey! Cool question - I’d be interested to hear how yo’d like to combine these two types of segment if you have chance to reply :) 


You can’t combine segment types, or make something that’s partially data-driven / partially manual unfortunately. You could technically make it work if you included an attribute in your manual segment that indicates someone is in said segment I suppose, and then use that attribute as part of the criteria for your data-driven segment. That would get the job done, but it sounds a little fiddly and potentially hard for other people on your team to understand what’s going on. 

This is the best doc for understanding all the basics on segments, plus going into some slightly more detailed thinking too: 

Tag me back in if you want to share that use case! If it’s just a general curiosity though, I hope this helps you.

@SuperNat gave the answer I was going to say. 

Like a lot of things in automation, it’s possible but with a creative work around.

The end result would be a data-driven segment, but for the manual part you’d have to update an attribute with a value to show that contact was part of the manual segment. 

The downside of this is if this is going to be something you’ll do over and over again, your attribute count will grow quickly. And that can be frustrating to manage.