How can I understand who is active in campaigns?

  • 18 August 2022
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Hey. I am setting up a campaign and want to exclude people who are currently active in other campaigns. Is that possible? I could not find how to add that condition when setting it up?


Best answer by Elena 19 August 2022, 14:07

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2 replies


Hey Chloe L!

Great question!


Unfortunately, there isn’t a direct feature that will allow you to exclude people from one campaign if they are in another campaign.

There are some possible workarounds that could help you achieve your goal. One idea is to include a 'create or update people' action at the start of your campaigns to update an attribute to indicate if a person is active in a campaign. For example, in an onboarding campaign, a person can start the campaign by having the attribute "onboarding_campaign" set to true. Taking that a step further, you can also set the attribute to false at the end of the campaign. You can use this attribute to build a segment and use that segment as a filter (or an action condition) in another campaign to filter people out of receiving messages from the second campaign.

You could apply a similar workaround to a true/false branch. When someone evaluates to false, you can update an attribute and exit the person from your first campaign. Using the attribute, you can build a segment and have that segment trigger a second campaign.


I hope this is helpful!


Thank you, Elena! That’s really helpful!