how can I send out a regular digest?

  • 8 February 2023
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Hi there, I would like to set up digest emails that go out to your customers on a recurring basis - For example a weekly recap of what users did/watched/read on our platform. Is this achievable in 



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Hey Rachel!

Sure, that’s feasible by leveraging
our frequency setting.

To start, enable the Frequency option in a segment-triggered campaign. Here, you'll see two options to configure how often people can retrigger your campaign: “every re-match” and “at fixed intervals”. Select the second option and set the interval you prefer - there is plenty of flexibility as you can define the interval by day(s) or week(s).

See the screenshot below, showing how the frequency setting can be configured (in the trigger tab of a campaign) to have people re-trigger the campaign every week as long as they continue to match the campaign filters and triggers. 



This interval is measured beginning when a person enters the campaign. Even if your campaign includes a delay, the interval window begins when a person matches your campaign conditions. This is important because if your campaign includes delays that cause a journey to run longer than your interval, the profile will enter a second journey one week (or whatever time you configure) from its original journey start date.

In a segment-triggered campaign, people can enter a segment any time they match the conditions and this means that they could trigger the campaign any day of the week depending on your segment conditions. So there is an additional step if you only want to send messages on a specific day, eg. a recap at the end of the week on Friday or Sunday: you can introduce a time window action in your campaign to hold people back until that specific day. Once the time window is open, people will move into the workflow and receive your message.

You can get creative and tailor this workflow to your needs. You can also leverage Liquid to personalise messages based on your audience’s data.

Just a final reminder: don’t forget that if a profile no longer matches the campaign triggers or filters, they won’t re-enter the campaign, so make sure everything is aligned! :)