How can I manually add a contact into a segment?

  • 9 February 2023
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We run a campaign in that is triggered when a customer signs up for our app.

We have a new type of user that we want to run a different campaign with, however.

As of now, we need to manually identify when this new type of user signs up.

My thinking is we can create a segment in for this new type of user so that we can exclude them from our main campaign. And add them to a new campaign.

Is that the best way to achieve this?

If so, how can I manually add an existing contact/user to a segment (so that they are excluded from campaign and added to another)?



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Hello jeffpop,


Creating a new segment and a new campaign for this group of people is a good idea. However, currently, we cannot to manually add or remove people from segments within the UI.

A workaround would be to create a manual segment and add people to your segment by uploading CSV, from a SQL database, through a campaign workflow action, or using the API. The help document will also provide more details instructions on each method: