Does Action Conditions work with cross-Branches?

  • 18 November 2022
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Hi all, I wasn’t able to find this in any docs but, I have an email in Branch A (“1a”), but in Branch B I have a condition pointing to that same email in Branch A (“1a”), is that not going to work?



1 reply

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Based on the image, it appears you’re using an event triggered campaign, correct? If a person can re-enter the campaign (repeated events) then it is possible your action conditions will work. By default, event campaigns do not have a frequency limit so a person will start a campaign journey any time an event is received in You can see what your campaign’s frequency settings are by going to the “Trigger” page in your Campaign settings and looking for the “Frequency” subheading.




If a person can re-enter the campaign

If a person can repeat your campaign, then having Action Conditions of “Have not clicked on any tracked link in the email EMAIL_FROM_PATH_A in EVENT_TRIGGERED_CAMPAIGN” means that if a person has previously gone down Path A and they clicked on a tracked link in that specific message, the action should be skipped.


If a person cannot re-enter the campaign

If people cannot repeat your campaign, then this journey can only happen once and these Action Conditions wouldn’t be necessary. Barring a situation where a customer profile merges with another customer profile mid-journey, there shouldn’t be a scenario where a person would receive messages from Path A if they went down Path B.