Can I Merge Segments

  • 10 January 2024
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If I merge a handful of segments to create a new bigger segment, will the original segments stay or will they go away?

The reason I’m doing this is because in a campaign the trigger is for each segment but they’re AND not OR so the campaign is showing no people. If I merge the segment I can use that one big segment to trigger rather than a bunch of segments that end up as ‘AND’s in the segment trigger section.


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1 reply

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Hi Rose,

This is Byron from the technical support team. Great questions!


We don’t currently have a feature to merge segments, so you would need to either need to combine people from multiple segments into a manual segment or manually build out a new data-driven segment that contains all of the conditions from the segments you are intending to mergeSince you would need to create a new segment, the original segments would still be available unless you were to delete them from your workspace.


When adding segments to campaign filters, you can add them as AND, OR, or a combination of both (docs). If you select one segment, you should notice the OR condition next to it on the input box. Clicking back on this same input box will allow you add additional segments using an OR condition.

  1. Select a segment


  1. Click back on the input next to the or … & select your segment.
  1. Your segments will be OR’d together