Campaigns for a two sided marketplace w/more complex event triggers

  • 26 November 2023
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Hello Community,


We are having trouble setting up in what is a basic function in our current app. We have a two sided marketplace with Restaurants and Customers. Customers can favorite restaurants in our platform and be notified when one of their favorites has an item for purchase. 

  • The trigger: This individual’s favorited restaurant listed a product.
  • We have an event when the restaurant lists the product.
  • We have who has favorited each restaurant.
  • We are not finding a way to effectively set up a campaign where the person who triggers the event is NOT the person who is messaged.

Any assistance/insight would be greatly appreciated!



2 replies

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Hello @briboehmer ,

The best way to solve this would be to use a webhook-triggered campaign.
In general, you’ll use these campaigns to manipulate incoming data and associate it with people in your audience ("customers"). For example, if the restaurant posted a product, you might use a webhook to notify when this happens. In your campaign, you can send an event to everybody who favorited these restaurants, triggering a campaign to let these people know that there is a newly posted product that they can purchase.
You can learn more about it here:

I hope this helps!


Hey Jon,


As we discussed in my ticket on this, this will not work. Currently does not have functionality to support this.