Automated workflow didn't work

After I knew the working principle of the workflow, I adjusted my workflow. I created several workflows separately, and each workflow they are used for users in different states, such as 'sign up', 'free account', 'paying account'.


I tested based on this, manually creating a new user, so he received the email set in 'sign up' two seconds after creation. After a while, I manually changed its status to 'free account' and it didn't receive the email for the second workflow setup. Then manually change its status to 'paying account', but still haven't received the email set by the third workflow. What's going on here, I think my logic is set very simply, just after the user's status changes, and then send him a corresponding email.


I want to make sure if it's something wrong with my logic setup (which is fixable) and not the tool itself.



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Hello Jones,

there are several reasons your email did not get triggered. You might want to check the following:

  • I assume your trigger here is “When a person moves in or out of a segment”, so have you checked if you are in the trigger segment after changing the status?
  • Have you acitived the trigger frequency option? In case you tested it before, you will have to move out and in the segment again in order to received a second test.
  • Have you checked if you are subscribed or unsubscribed and if that matches your campaign settings?
  • Have you checked if the sending behavior of your email ist set to “send automatically”?

Feel free to provide also some screenshots so I can better help you out 🙂


Hope that helps,

Hi, for the first and fourth points, I am sure there is no problem.  With the second point, I did not activate the trigger frequency option, because I do not know how this setting works. I don't understand the 'subscribed or unsubscribed' in the third point either, but it seems I did set it, set it to ‘subscribed’.

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Hey Jones,

thanks for your input. The best way to test a “live campaign” is to manipulate your trigger segment. Simply add “AND email is”. This way you can test without sending out email accidently to any real person. Once you are done with testing, delete this part again.


With this option you can decide how often a person will be triggered and how often they will receive the emails. You will have to activate it and set it to “1 day” in order to test it. Also, I woudl recommend to activate it for your setup, since (I assume) a person can switch between your status options. You can find more information about the frequency option in campaigns here.


If a person unsubscribes you should no longer send them marketing emails. You can check if your profile is unsubscribe by clicking on “People” and by searching your profile. In case there is a little minus sign, you are unsubscribe. You can either send your campaign for testing to unsubscribed people or edit your profile by clicking on it in the list and change the unsubscribed attribute to “false” or by deleting it. You can find more information about unsubscribes here.



Hope that helps,


Okay, thank you

How to add “AND email is”?  I did not find it.

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Hey Jones,

go to Segments, select your segment and this:


Hope that helps,

Felix 🙂

Hi, I did what you said and went to get a test user to enter the segment, but the user information shows that they did not enter the segment


Oh, I modified the logic to 'or'. Then he entered the segment 'Free customers', but my workflow didn't send him the corresponding email.


And how should I understand and set these four options

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Hey Jones,

Your test user might not have entered the segment because the attribute plan_name was not set to free. With an AND connection, the user will only enter the segment with both contidtions are true.

As mentioned, you will have to make sure that the trigger frequency is turned on. Even then (I am afraid) you can only test it once per day.

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Regarding the exit condition:

You can define here when a person will stop receiving the emails in the campaign. For example if the user signs up for a paid account you might want to stop sending them emails promoting the the paid account.

Here you can choose what between

  • They performed a certain action (your defined goal)
  • They are not in the trigger segment anymore
  • Both of the above
  • They never exit early, they will always receive all emails

For more information check out this article


Hope that helps,