Adding filtered segment back into active campaign

  • 2 December 2022
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I have a campaign triggered by a segment. When the campaign was originally launched with Segment 1, it had a filter that excluded Segment 2. 


I now realize that I want Segment 2 to go through the campaign. I would like to manually add Segment 2 into the campaign.


The only solutions I could think of were: 

  • Create a duplicate campaign and send Segment 2 through it 
  • Find a way to for the trigger to reassess Segment 1, realize excluding Segment 2 is no longer a requirement, and send Segment 2 people through the campaign
  • Find a way to add an ad-hoc segment to the campaign

1 reply

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Hey dgos2022,


You could either stop the campaign, remove the filter, and start it over again—effectively “force” matching people again. Or you could start a new campaign as you mentioned.


Both options are valid—it boils down to your preferred approach and how you’d like the performance of the campaign to be measured/measurable.

If you restart the campaign, you’ll have everything at a single place (but you’ll might want to check that people don’t get the messages twice if they got them already).

If you make a new one, you’ll need to look at two places to have a broader understanding of the campaigns’ performance (but with the benefit of a granular distinction between the two segments).


Hope this makes sense!