Integrating Twilio Link Shortening

Is there any plan to integrate Twilio Link Shortening into It would be a huge time saver as we could then use dynamic links in the SMS, and Twilio would automatically handle the longer links.

The POST request contains the required `To`, `ShortenUrls`, and `MessagingServiceSid` parameters, and the `Body` parameter contains a long link (not shortened).


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Byron here from the technical support team. We have a request open with our product team asking for a link shortener integration for SMS, so I’ve added your “vote” to the request. I also included a link back to this post in the request so if there is any movement on the request, we can reach back out to keep you updated.

Thanks Byron! Twilio seems like a really easy solve as they have done all the actual work, you just need to update the header from my understanding.