New to the Community? Introduce yourself!

  • 27 July 2022
  • 8 replies

Hi everyone,


Welcome to the Community! We wanted to get a rolling post started where people can introduce themselves. 

Nothing formal - just a quick hello so that we can all start making connections as we contribute to the Community over time. 

Us first! Whenever you see a post or response from “”, it will be written by any one of a number of wonderful people on our Support, Success, Product, or Marketing teams. We’re looking forward to interacting with you!

8 replies

Well hello there!


Long-time evangelist and fan, excited to connect with other fans!


Looking forward to sharing some Liquid wizardry with y’all or help in any way I can!

Hey everyone, 


This is Fahad. I’m working as a Growth Specialist at Make and using is a major part of my day everyday. We use it for onboarding, conversion and resurrection campaigns + monthly newsletters and product announcements. 


Looking forward to learning from you all and sharing my learnings along the way!

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I’m quite new to but love it so far! I’m looking forward to connecting with more users and hopefully learning from people who are more experienced than I am right now! I’ll be a regular visitor to show and tell for sure. 


Nice to be here!

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Hey! Hola a todos! 🙋🏼

I’m also quite new to and will be using the tool to automate engagement with my customers and increase conversions. Happy to learn from everyone here! 

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Hi CIO Community! 


I’m so happy to see everyone here. As an employee I look forward to having another way to engage with customers. I personally specialize in campaign & customer lifecycle strategy so be sure to post your questions about general marketing lifecycle in the Community. 



Hey people, I’m Colin, CEO at!


I’ve been working at since 2012 when it was just me and my cofounder, John. Everything I’ve learned about marketing has been from reading books and articles or from interacting with other people in the industry. 


This will be a great place for you to connect with peers in other companies, share ideas and insights, and level up in your role. At least that’s my hope and what our team will be working hard on. 


🖐🏻 Nice to meet you all. I’m glad you’re here.

Hey Folks 🤙 was my first exposure to marketing automation back in 2015. Recently, picked it back for a new project and WOW! It’s gotten so powerful. It’s at the point where you can have your own lightweight system running. 

I’ve learned so much from communities like stack overflow over the years -- I see the same happening for no/low code. I’m here to learn and share patterns around automations and specifically activating customers in onboarding. See y’all online 🚀

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My name is Travis and I’ve been an employee of for 4+ years. 

It’s been so much fun watching the evolution of this product and company and I’m so excited that we can now sustain a community. I’m looking forward to learning more from all of you!