Best way to round-robin between phone numbers for sending text messages?

I have large text campaigns with 30+ messages and different paths my customers may go down. Ideally there would be a component that allows me to round-robin the phone number that is assigned to a customer, and then that is the phone number that sends them the text for all further messages in the campaign. The reason I want this is because 1 phone number cannot send a thousands of texts per day, the telecom companies will block the number. But I have many customers I want to service.


I don’t see that as an option. What would be the best way to go about doing this? Do I really need to duplicate my 30+ texts and create a split path and manually click into each text I duplicated and change the phone number that is sending the message? I plan on having 10+ phone numbers in the future that need to be round-robin’d, so duplicating messages is not sustainable. That would also mean if I want to change 1 message, then I have to change it across all duplicated paths. 


Anyone have any good ideas how to round-robin phone numbers, assigning different ones to different customers?

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Hi there,

One option here is to add a manual sender id which you can find information about here: This would allow you to add a Liquid block which you can set up to specify the number that should be used for each customer. This way the sender number will be dynamically set based on the Liquid used and the matching profile attributes.


Would that be something that you could utilize here?


Would I be able to keep the normal 10 digit phone numbers I’m currently using? I ask because the manual sender ID seems to be coupled with the idea of using Alphanumerical IDs which I don’t want to use. But are you saying the Manual Sender ID feature unlocks the ability to use liquid IF statements for my “From” field in the SMS content page? So I could code something that round-robins an attribute on my customer profiles like customer.fromNumber = A. And then in the liquid the IF statement can be the same statement for all SMSs and just say IF A then send from “123...” and IF B send from “987...”?


Or does that require I use Alphanumerical phone numbers to send from?