Sending a slack message to a specific user instead of channel?

  • 28 February 2023
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Hi users! Wondering if anyone has this setup in their workspace- is it possible to configure a slack notification to notify a specific person within my organization when a user behaves a certain way? For example, notify an account manager when one of their accounts incurs overages or is about to hit overages? 

I don’t necessarily want messages like this to clog up other channels when it’s only relevant to one person, in this case, their account manager. 



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2 replies

We do this, and love it. 


An easy way to do this is to store the “accountManagerChannel” for the contact, and then use this as the Slack Message To: in the Campaign workflow. We’ve actually created dedicated channels for each agent, e.g. “sales-taylor-lastname” and that makes it even easier to oversee.


You can send it to your teams’ Slack handles (@taylor), or a user’s @slackId.


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Hey Taylor,

I have never seen any integration with Slack or any bot within Slack that can send it directly to a user. Even in the documenation Slack only mentions channels.

But Matt’s solutions sounds good to me 🙂 Definetly gonna try this as well!