Rich-text emails: unsubscribe wording in 2 languages

  • 2 June 2023
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I'm currently using a rich-text email template in my workflow to send emails in both English and French (fr).

My challenge is that the "unsubscribe" text (“I’m not interested”) at the bottom of the email is the same for both English and French versions. However, I would prefer to have different wordings for English and French-speaking recipients.

Is there a way to accomplish this in CIO?

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Best answer by Kratai P. 3 June 2023, 00:09

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2 replies

Hello Gregh,

Thank you for your question! From your screenshot, it looks like you are using a layout for your email.

You can use Liquid in your layout to check the language attribute of a profile and determine whether it is set to French or English and display the appropriate text based on the language attribute. Your Liquid code could be structured as follows:

{% if customer.language == “fr” %}

Je ne suis pas intéressé.
{% else %}

I’m not interested

{% endif %}

If you prefer not to include the unsubscribe link directly in your layout, you have the option to remove it and create a reusable snippet instead. By creating separate snippets for English and French, you can easily insert them into your email using Liquid, like this: {{snippets.<name_of_your_snippet>}}. Here is more information about snippets:

I hope you find this reply helpful, Gregh!

Thanks a lot Kratai, it works like a charm!