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  • 13 October 2023
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We re currently localizing emails. We are just concerned because our backend is recognizing language codes in spanish for example in "es-MX" for mexican spanish. If the campaign has only an email for "es" but the user has a "es-MX" code would it send the spanish email? Or would we need to create a dedicated "es-MX" email?


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2 replies

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Jumping right into your question, it is indeed the case that multi-language templates will only be sent for customers who have the language attribute value that match a specific language template you've created. So for instance, if your customers have "es-MX" (Mexican Spanish) as their language attribute value, you must have an es-MX template created specifically for them in your message. Otherwise, they will receive the Default template language code shown at the top bar of the email content, because they do not match the es specific template.

For reference, this is what we show in the flowchart at the top of this documentation article, where if the person does not match any of the language templates they receive the Default:


I hope this helps!

Great explanation