Is there a way of know if a customer has received an email more than once?

  • 13 March 2024
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I have a campaign that is fine for customers to travel down twice but I do not want them to receive the comms a third time. Is there a way of doing this? 


I was thinking I’d input logic so that customers who have received the emails more than once will not receive them again but not sure if this can actually be done. 

1 reply

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You probably already tried setting up such a condition on this particular email in your workflow? This way the email is only sent if it has not been sent before (even as part of a user moving through the same journey before).

But if I read you correctly, you are looking for a mechanism that allows you to check if it has been send more than once.


If this is the case, I would try the following workaround:

  • create a segment with people that have received the email minimum 2 times:

    you could even limit the timeframe to 2 times during a certain number of weeks

  • in your campaign, set us a condition on the email step as shown in the 1st screenshot, but make it a “not in segment xy” condition and use the segment that you just created

Hope that helps!