Integration for Seamless Data Synchronization and Adding Our System as a Destination.

  • 13 March 2024
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I looking to establish a webhook or destination for our system, to seamlessly synchronize customer information, identities, and events across both platforms. While we've explored the webhook for journeys, it seems to lack support for transmitting crucial data such as customer creations, updates, deletions, and events. Could you please guide us on how we can address this issue? Additionally, we're curious about how we can add our system as a destination in your data pipelines or connections ?

1 reply

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Hi @ramtamang 

From what you’re saying, I think the Data Warehouse Sync might be the most suitable for your use case: although this would not include events that you send to your workspace. 

Alternatively, you could consider using Data Pipelines, and as a Destination, use a webhook to send the data to your platform:

Hopefully this helps move you along in the right direction!