Attachments in campaign messages?

  • 13 October 2023
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We currently have some transactional API emails that include an attachment. The question is… can I do the same in standard campaigns?


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2 replies

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Getting right into your concern, sending emails with attachments isn't something built into our UI, but you can do this via the Transactional API (as you are aware).

We are exploring the feasibility of adding this capability to campaigns, but have no concrete plans as yet. Please be aware that it is never guaranteed that all email clients will display email attachments, even if they are small. Some users might have attachments blocked entirely for security reasons, or they might require extra add-ons for them to be displayed (this can be an issue with desktop clients like Thunderbird, for instance).

The best way to ensure all users can see and access an attachment is to host it on your server and link to it.

I hope this is helpful to you!

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Hey kimmyh,

you can not send attachments with CIO. Check out this article about it. I also would not advise you to send attachments because they trigger spam filters. I would recommend to send a link to a file. Most browsers will open the “download” popup automatically or show the file.

Hope that helps,