Why broadcast emails are not delivered?

  • 5 September 2023
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We have created a broadcast campaign that had around 8K receipts. However, almost 99% of emails went to the spam folder. Have you guys also experienced this? When we asked for a reason we got a very standard answer if we googled. 




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3 replies

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Hey Natella,

I would have a few folowup questions regarding this:

  1. Have you check this via a spam testing tool, such as ?
  2. Have you set the DNS records for SPF and DMARC?
  3. Is this the first time you experiencing this / Is this your first broadcast you sent out?


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Hey Natalla, 


There can be a myriad of things impacting deliverability so it is tough to say exactly what occurred with this specific broadcast without looking at it. However, it does look like your account is new so I would definitely check DNS records to ensure everything was marked correctly for the inbox providers. Additionally, I would check out our Complete Guide to Email Deliverability which may help identify the issue. 

A few things to add on top of what’s already been said:

  1. If there are a lot of google based inboxes in your database, I suggest getting Postmaster Tools setup, it’s the only way to get feedback about spams and IP reputation from Google inboxes.
  2. Authentication is a big thing, and I concur with @Felix. SPF and DKIM at a minimum. DMARC is also a good idea but sometimes IT teams don’t like setting a strict policy like reject. 
  3. If you’re a new account, you have to warm things up, which essentially means taking things slow enough and showing good email sending behavior so that inbox providers don’t think you’re a spam sender. So start with small segments, send messages that users are expecting (like getting a welcome email in place), and overtime things should improve.