Possible Open Rate Error

  • 8 May 2023
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I’ve noticed our open rates on broadcast emails are unusually high immediately after an email is sent. I’d love to give credit to the marketing team for this, but it appears there’s an error to get 70% open rates minutes after an email is sent. We’ve tried different times, days and audiences and still seeing very high rates in the beginning.


How can I check this tracking appropriately in the back-end? Has anyone had this issue? I sent a note to the support team but thought I’d ask the community if they’ve seen this before.





Best answer by Felix 9 May 2023, 08:46

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2 replies

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Hello Pipesearch,

mostly likely this is not a mistake made by CIO. Since Apple rolled out an Update (Apple iOS 15 Update), open rates are messed up. As soon as you send an emai to an Apple email, you will receive immediatley an “recipient opened email”.

My suggestion is to check how many of your recipients are Apple users. You can estimate this by checking how many of your profiles have an @icloud address.

Also you should focus on other metrics like click rates, engagment or even better customer lifetime value and conversion rates.

Hope that helps,


Very helpful, thank you Felix!