one-click-unsubscribe didn't be showed in Gmail.

  • 13 May 2024
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I refered to the site as below,
I used the subscription center, and used the liquid {% unsubscribe_url %} to generate one-click-unsubscribe links,
However, the email sent through didn't show one-click-unsubscribe link,
I didn't know the cause, and I've tried several ideas, but nothing seems to work.
Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!


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Hello sga_hou,

Gmail decides if the unsubscribe button is shown. Even if everything is set up correctly (which it is by default with this does not mean it is shown in the Gmail Inbox. You basically can not test this.

Here is an answer from an CIO employee (see the full answer here):

Its important to note that this unsubscribe button will not automatically surface even if a List-Unsubscribe header is present and populated. Gmail specifically will only surface this unsubscribe link if their system is confident that the unsubscribe will be honored, so sender reputation is a big factor in whether or not this link is made available.


Hope this helps,