I like the BEE editor, but I think Stripo would be better...

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I think BEE as editor is really robust and covers everything that is needed, but some things bother me a lot:

  1. Image scaling is weird. I can not set the size as I want it
  2. Setting column width sucks. There is only a ratio insead of percentages or px

I am also working quit a lot with BEE’s competitor called Stripo and they really rock. I love the endless possibilites of settings! Sure there is also a bit of a downside since the HTML code is not as small as with BEE (apparently), but there are way more ways to personalize emails, they support AMP, AI content creation, and many more.

Unfortunately I have to export Stripo templates manually since there is no integration in Stripo for Customer.io. I really, really would love to see these two awesome tools together…


What’s your opinion? Anyone sees that different? Or am I even missing better tools 😀

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Hi Felix,

Byron here from the CIO support team. Great feedback! I’ve shared the thread with the product team and I’ll be following for additional replies to see what others have to say.

I haven’t used Stripo, but image scaling in BEE is indeed weirdly frustrating.

Why must the size of an image be proportional to the width of the content block? Why can’t it be scaled below 20% (of that width)?

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@chris_cl The workaround is to add a column left and right to the image 😉 I believe there is a reason why beefree is doing that, but it is still weird. I encourage you to check out Stripo, though. They just launched a brandnew, advanced editor!