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  • 30 April 2024
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Hello, I’m in charge of an internal newsletter that targets all my company’s employee. 

Our open rate has always been around 67-70%. Around the end of February the open rate dropped to 25-27%. We’ve contacted CS, cleaned our users list, we have set up the postmasters tool and every data is quite healthy, spam is usually between 0.0 and 0.3% with a couple of peaks at 0.6%, weirdly on the day before we publish. It cannot be a behavioral problem connected to disinterest because it would be a very weird pattern. 2 weeks ago we’ve set up the “unsubscribe button” to be compliant with google update:  we had avoided it because being a mandatory newsletter we don’t want people to unsubscribe. That edition went very well, open rate went back to 70% but last week it dropped again to 25%.

We don’t know what else to do anymore, it’s important that our employee receive these news. We’re going to try an A/B testing with another platform but we’ve had peaks in which the open rate went back to normal but never for more than 2 weeks and of course we need consistency. 

I’ve seen users had similar problems but we’ve already tried everything that was proposed. Anyone is having a similar experience?? 


4 replies

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@claudiapas97 may i ask to how many employees you are sending approximately? and don’t they all have the same mailbox provider, as they are your employees? this would mean that you would have some control over it (whitelisting you as sender). i’m asking regarding the volume because if it’s massive the variations in sending volume (e.g. per day) could have an impact maybe

in this similar request the drop indeed seemed to be related to missing unsubscribe links

 @digitalisierungsprofi we are sending to around 1.300 people every friday. 

Indeed I had seen the request you linked and this is why we implemented the unsubscribe link. We thought we solved it but apparently not


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and what about the mailbox provider of your employees? isn’t it one and the same for all emloyees so you can whitelist you as a sender?

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Hey Claudia, 

I am pretty sure it is connected to the new requirements that Gmail and Yahoo released in February 2024.

Postmasters does not, to the best of my knowledge, show if the email is showing in the spam folder.

If I may ask, have you set up DKIM, SPF, DMARC? You can use to check if all requirements are met. Maybe (not sure about that) you can leave out the unsubscribe link if you send to the same domain as internal Newsletter. Please be aware that CIO creates automatically a list-unsubscribe header with which your employees still can unsubscribe.

You can send your newsletters always to "subscribed and unsubscribe people" which would make it not possible to unsubscribe effectively. 

Hope that makes sense,