Updating User Email in Segment Creates new User in

  • 17 August 2023
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Hi there - 

I use Segment to pipe my data in to When I call identify, if a user’s email has changed, it is a normal identify call, and I expect to just update the email address of the user. This is what’s happening in mixpanel, for instance. But in I noticed that it’s actually creating a new user, and it is not setting ID (my app’s ID), because a user already exists with that ID.

Is there some way I need to tweak these identify calls to accomodate this?


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3 replies

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Hey @jakesing 

The solution to this might depend on whether your workspace uses both id and email as an identifier (or only id) and whether your workspace settings allow the email attribute to be updated via both cio_id or id:

It sounds like your workspace settings currently is only allowing the email identifier to be updated by cio_id, which is why when you call identify to change the email, it is creating a new profile instead. 


Once you’ve updated this setting in your Workspace Settings > General Workspace Settings, this should work as expected. ◡̈ 


I’ve also linked our help documentation on this for Segment Destinations Actions for your easy reference and this would go more into detail:


Hopefully this helps! 

Hi Penny - thanks a lot! I actually did see this before I posted, and I do I have that setting checked (per your screenshot). Could anything else be going on?

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Hey @jakesing , it would be best if we can get a closer look at the issue you’re having by looking into your workspace activity. 


Can you please email us at Please mention this thread’s URL ( Also, if you haven’t already done so, please grant us “Support Team Access” here: (see also


We’ll be on the lookout for your email! 😊