Referencing object by id in liquid and/or workflows



The docs say you cannot reference more than 10 objects of the same type with something like {{objects.online_classes}}. However, is there a way to bypass the 10 limitation using a specific attribute or the object’s id? For example, something like


If not, are there any simple workarounds or plans in the future to change that limitation in the future? Then, for workflows, is it acceptable / best practice to call the App API to get Object attributes as part of a workflow step and then use that in the workflow?


Thank you!

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Hey mtwsf, 

with liquid in messages your first approach would work by using object.online_classes[].id = 123456. See here in the docs about JSON. Obviously you will have to loop through all the object id's, which makes only sense if there is a limited number you want to use.

In workflows you can not use this right now. CIO wants to release object/relationships for workflow use in Q2/2024 according to the Roadmap. I am waiting for this myself…


Hoep that helps, 


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Hi @mtwsf 

Thanks for raising this question! Our team will be in touch with you soon!