Missing People from Snowflake Identify Sync

  • 24 November 2023
  • 2 replies

I am on trial working to configure a CDP which takes events from Snowflake to create a person on Snowflake.

My Snowflake sync is working and yielding the current number of rows which I can confirm by checking Sources → Snowflake → Successful Rows = 942. However the people count on Journeys is varying arbitrarily. I have tried the same sync several times and the number of people created has varied from 44, to 52 and now down to 5.

Could someone perhaps explain what could explain this? I’ve even tried setting up a completely fresh workspace and am encountering the same issue and it’s becoming a huge blocker for us.

2 replies

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Hi there,

I’m afraid without having a look at your exact setup we are not able to advise on why your sync is not behaving as you expected. Are you able to write us with more details of your setup to


Generally speaking, creates/updates profiles based on the no. of rows that are matched by your query. Profiles are also created and updated based on the identifier you choose to match from your database with existing profiles. If this doesn’t help, we’ll be happy to provide more in depth help over Email, and we could then post the final answer here for other Community members to see. :)


Looking forward to hearing from you!


Thanks Ramy - after waiting a day somehow things resolved themselves and I haven’t had a moment to investigate why. If it comes up again I’ll investigate it deeper with your team.

- abhi