Measuring form submit in Google Analytics

Hey guys,
I'm trying to mark form_submit in Google Analytics as a conversion, but it seems that they don't pick up on this event when I submit an email sign up form... Is there anything I need to enable that?


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Hey Jonathan,

this seems more of a GA4 problem, not an one, simply because CIO (as I understood) only grabs the submitted information once the form is sent.


To help you futher, I would need some more information, but first please check if ou enabled GA4 Enhanced Measurement. If that is enabled already, these would be my follow up questions:

  • Are any other events seen in GA4?
  • Do you use Google Tag Manager (GTM)?



Hey Felix!

Thanks for replying, here are my answers:

✅ I enabled GA4 Enhanced measurements

✅ I see many other events in GA4 - including `form_start` (which I believe shows that GA does collect form information)

❓ I believe I am: I created the tag on Google Analytics platform, and when I go to GTM it shows that a tag exists and is connected to my website data flow.

Appreciate any further help!


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Ok, then this is weird. I couldn’t reproduce the “form_submit” event with Enhanced Measurement, yet. But what defineltey works is creating your own event with GTM.

That's what I ended up doing in the meanwhile :)

Thanks for the help