Has anyone integrated Recurly?

  • 24 January 2024
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Background: I am exploring Recurly as a subscription management service.

I am working on an onboarding campaign and I plan to build a step where the customer is sent an invoice or payment page link, and then use a “Wait Until” step that checks if they’ve paid until proceeding with the campaign.


I’m having some difficulty figuring out how to get this data into though. My first choice would be to have a pay_subscription event (for the most flexibility), and if this isn’t possible use a profile attribute instead to store this info somehow.


Here’s what I’ve found so far

  • Recurly is not available as a CDP source for Segment or Rudderstack.
  • There are webhooks for a “New Subscription” event. But as far as I can tell the payload doesn’t have a unique ID that specifies the customer so these can’t be used on their own. Continuing below... 👇 
  • From Best Practices in the Webhooks reference:  “The state/details of a user should be maintained in your internal database, and assumed unchanged unless a change of state is indicated with a webhook. Use the receipt of a webhook to trigger an API query to validate the push notification details against the current API data.”
  • So from above I might be able to build a campaign that receives the webhook and then calls the API to fetch the details. However from what I remember the API response can only be used to update a profile attribute rather than build an event, so this might be less flexible.
  • A final option might be to sync the Recurly data to our Snowflake instance with Fivetran, and then sync to with reverse ETL.


I’m going to keep digging and experimenting, but if anyone has dealt with this integration before or has any suggestions, any input would be much appreciated.


Thank you

1 reply

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Hi Henry,

Thanks for reaching out!

While I don’t have any direct experience with Recurly but happy to help with figuring out a way to get this integration working.

You could use a webhook-triggered campaign for this, and then have the first action as a “Send data” action to try to get information related to the identifier. You’re right that the response would need to be stored as a profile attribute, which you could use as part of your Wait Until condition.

While the decision is up to you, I would personally prefer and integration with Snowflake, but you could also look into using our CDP for this, by integrating directly with our API: I’m not sure if this could be an option, but wanted to mention it so that you know what is available.