Create-only form integration

  • 27 March 2024
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Is it possible to integrate an external form in such a way that

  • only new customers (non-existing email) are created
  • existing customers are NOT updated

Thank you


Best answer by Penny 1 April 2024, 06:22

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2 replies

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Hi @valerie_engin_co 

I’m afraid that wouldn’t be possible currently based on the default connected forms integration as all submitted forms would either create a profile if it doesn’t exist yet or update the form fields mapped attributes if it is an existing profile. 

As a workaround - when the form is submitted externally, you can use the email address to query this API endpoint: to see if the email address exists in 

If the email address does not, only then would you send a request to this Forms API endpoint with the submitted form information: to add new profiles to your workspace with the form submission. 

This might involve some backend custom-scripting work with your developers but I hope this helps! 


That’s a great idea, Penny. I’ll look into implementing that. Thank you so much for suggesting it.

Might still be a good feature for though in the form integration. Something like an insert vs upsert.