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  • 30 March 2023
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I want to send something (message, webhook, etc.) at a specific time according to the user’s attribute with a timestamp. Is it possible to set up such in the campaign workflow?

For example, I have a lot of educational webinars at different times. And a lot of users registered on those. I want to use one workflow, but every user must get an email (or another platform webhook) at a particular time according to his webinar time.

3 replies

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Hey Andy,


In this case, you can use a wait until action in the campaign with the condition that the timestamp attribute is a timestamp after a relative date of 0 days from now before they move on to the next message action step in your campaign. 

I’ve linked our help documentation for you below for your easy reference:

Hope this helps! 

Hi Penny,

thanks for your response :)

if not only the day is important to me, but also the hour? for example, I want to send a reminder an hour before the start of the webinar. I have the start time in the timestamp attribute. Can I count down 1 hour somehow?

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Hey Alex,

It is not quite possible to do that exactly using the timestamp conditions but as a workaround you could

use the following conditions for the Wait Until Action:


Which puts a person in waiting till exactly 24 hours before the timestamp attribute. 

Next, add a time delay of 23 hours before you send the 1 hour prior to webinar reminder email. ;)